Teri V has the good stuff this week! On her blog, she’s posted an “un-interview” (how lovely is that un-intimidating word?) that she did with another of my writer friends, Darcie Friesen Hossack, about writing and, well, eating. I met these two fab ladies while we were all doing the Humber Writing Program in 2006, and we’ve kept in touch ever since, along with several other people: Susan Toy is another dear friend from the program whom you’ll often see mentioned in these here blog parts.

Both Teri and Darcie have books of gorgeous short stories coming out this fall (Darcie: Mennonites Don’t Dance from Thistledown Press; Teri: Bats and Swallow and Other Stories from Invisible Publishing), and it’s been thrilling and inspiring to go along for the ride with them. Love this new chapter!