I fixed it. I’ve pretended the bridge is temporarily broken. Sorry, park rangers; I’m quite sure that in real life, this bridge is always in fantastic shape!!

In other news, I’m literally on the last touches of the novel. I feel weird. Happysad. For one thing, I’m pleased with the outcome, but it’s a little different from the way I pictured it when I set out to write it (all for the better, I’m sure!) — as AL Kennedy put it, “I just never quite climb precisely all the way up my intended mountain – the route gets altered, or the mountain’s a bit to the left, or some of the heather’s squiff, if not actually broccoli when you look at closely”. And all these ghost scenes and landscapes are still hanging around in my head — the things jettisoned for one (good) reason or another, but to which I still remain attached and wish I could find a home for! For another, I’m feeling slightly vertiginous — this drive to write and work is still pushing me forward, but I have nowhere far to go, and I feel a bit as if I can’t stop and may accidentally fall over a cliff. I guess I should be looking at the next project but I can’t conceive of anything new just yet, especially after nearly two weeks here at the Banff Centre, living and breathing these particular characters.

Just for the record, I’m actually much more pleased and excited than I sound above…!

And mind you, the process isn’t done done done (is it ever?). I might still have to fix the ending (some more) — waiting for comments on that. And after the second reader gets a look at it, there may be more changes (but that might not be for a couple of months yet). And I have to try and figure out how to format the damn thing for Grad Studies, a process that seems to require a PhD in and of itself, given the amount of discussion on the UBC forums about it. And I have to put together a query letter and synopsis, try to come up with a coherent description for this bag of squids of a novel. And I’m still looking for the right title… And and and…