Many of the hits I’ve had lately are from poor hapless souls (students, I’m guessing) searching for “Where are you going, where have you been?”, the Joyce Carol Oates story and also the title of my last blog post. You can find the story here, people. You’re welcome.

It’s been 3 months, so it must be posting time…! Eek. So, where have I been? I finished off my full-time job at the end of December, thinking I would slip right back into freelance editing. Not so, mates. All those rumours about the economy not doing so well? There’s something to those.  I’m rather blessed, though, to have found something else full-time, starting end of January, and I am well pleased cos I need the cash.

Writing has been a tough slog lately, to be honest. I finished draft 2 of my thesis and sent it off to saintly (and I say that with NO irony whatsoever, seriously) thesis advisor at the beginning of January. While I await her comments, I thought I’d get going on a new project, to keep up the practice of writing every day and make it easier once I get said comments back. Initially I thought I’d actually go back to working on one of my older projects, but it’s weird how much I’ve changed over the last while: my writing preoccupations  seem to have become radically different and reading old stuff feels like reading someone else… So, I shall start something new, then, I thought, thought I. Got a few (good, I think) ideas floating around, but I don’t seem to be able to get much down, which is frustrating. I keep telling myself I’m “composting” (letting ideas sit and ferment; or is it foment?) but then the other half of my brain runs about flapping its hands and crying “You’re not WRITING! Therefore you’re not a WRITER! You have nothing to SUBMIT! You are an unproductive member of SOCIETY!” Brainfite! Sigh.  But it’ll come, eventually. I hope.

One of the reasons I really want to start something new is to have work to submit to the rather excellent Coffee Shop Author contest, conceived by my friend Susan Toy. It’s for Canadians only, alas (well, not “alas” for us Canadians!), but if you’re Canadian, do it. DO IT! There’s also the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, but I ain’t got nothin’ for that.

I wish I could write short stories. Just to have work to circulate, submit… Stupid novels.