Wow. OK. This seems like a good time to trot out my New Year’s resolutions. Actually, they’re kind of more goals, these writing-related ones:

  • Write in this blog at least once a week (as opposed to, like, every six months).
  • Revise “Fire Eyed Boy” (it’s too bad I’m hating pretty much all of it… Now I remember why I abandoned the thing in the first place) for the Amazon contest — a contest you might be interested in, if you haven’t heard about it already: see here — but note you’ve only got until Feb 2.
  • Finish first draft of “The Book That Used To Be Called Fraying When That Title Still Fitted” (a friend in my novel class calls hers “LEVON”) by June, thereby a) giving myself time to revise before the thesis draft is due in September, and b) giving myself time to get ready for part 2 of the script-writing course out at UBC in July — for which I’ll have to produce a feature-length screenplay… aargh!
  • In June, come up with pitch/treatment for aforementioned screenplay. Perhaps a few scenes.
  • Get short-story sub ready for the Writers’ Union Postcard Story contest — here — by Feb 14th.

So, hear ye, hear ye etc, let these goals be here in electronic concrete forevermore, for purposes of nagging and derision should they not be completed.

Strangely, as I was writing this, Kevin Alexander (or Kevin Alexander’s people) sent out a notification of his new column — on goals for the new year. Must be something in the air.